Top 5 exercises to get back in shape after quarantine
Since the quarantine period limited our movement for a long time, it was not easy to maintain our shape as it used to be. If you are ready to return to training and improve your condition and physical health, you can find a gym or gym in Botanica, you can practice fitness in Ciocana. Until then, we have some exercises that can be practiced at any time, which will help you to return in strength but also safely to your training!

Do your warm-up with squats
Before any training, whether at home or at the gym, you need 5-10 minutes of slow exercises, which increase in intensity along the way, so as not to strain or force too much. You can start with a few turns of the head and turns of the shoulders, as well as stretching the arms and legs. As a basic exercise, you can choose squats, because they prepare for training the largest groups of muscles of the body.
For proper execution, spread your legs at shoulder level, bring your arms forward and lie down bending your knees, repeating this movement about 15 times. Be sure to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

Exercise High knees (running with knees to the chest)
After squats, you can choose this exercise that stimulates the gluteal and abdominal muscles. For this, from the straight position jump from one leg to another, with the knee as high as possible, close to the chest. Change your legs as fast as you can, and repeat the movement for at least 2 minutes. If your physical condition does not allow you, you can do this exercise by simply lifting each knee as high as possible, which involves less effort, but similar benefits.

Exercise The Climber
After a short break, you can continue with a more intense exercise from the plank position, which trains the main muscle groups. To start, lean in your hands (as in the position of push-ups), and pull each knee in turn to your chest, as if climbing. Try to keep your back straight and do the exercise depending on your physical condition, either slower or at a faster pace, being sure that in any way chosen, it will have an impact.

Exercise " Bicycle”
The next move is as simple as it is effective. From the lying position, with your back glued to the floor and hands at the back of your head, simulate the pedaling movement and bring your bent knees towards you, touching the opposite knee with your elbow. Repeat this at least 20 times, breathing properly, thereby training your abdominal muscles.

Pool lifting exercise
This movement is perfect for the end of a workout because it allows you to relax. From the same position on your back, Bring your knees bent, as close to the buttocks as possible, with your soles placed on the floor. Push the pelvis up, holding your arms by your body, your soles on the floor, and your head and shoulders stick to the floor. You can repeat this lowering and lifting movement about 20 times, for the best results for the gluteal and femoral muscles.