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SPA Center

A day spent at the Spa, will provide emotions of happiness, pleasant relaxation, feeling of comfort and an excellent mood. Just at Aquaterra, You will find an oasis of luxury, harmony and beauty.

Pamper yourself in a way you deserve – visit our SPA center!

Also, you can arrange A GUEST VISIT to the club or make A GIFT CERTIFICATE for a loved one:
– One-day guest visit to the club during the club’s working hours – 30 euros
– A one-day guest visit to the club during the club’s working hours – 50 euros (the price includes a massage for 50 minutes to choose from: Swedish, Hiro massage, Anti-cellulite or a Sport massage)

*more detailed information by phone:

022 628 000



Aquaterra - is the place of  pure indulgence and total relaxation, where You can find an oasis of luxury, harmony, beauty and peace, also will provide You with a haven where you will find the most incredible unique sensations where the mind, body & spirit converge to feel an unforgettable and deeply pleasurable experience.

  • Paradise

    • Scrub
    • Body Wraps
    • Massage
    «Paradise» includes: gentle exfoliation of the skin, firming body wrap and massage.  This ritual helps to restore the balance and the vitality. Has an exceptional effect on the skin using Premium class cosmetic products, revitalizes and purifies the skin of all the accumulated toxins, stimulates regeneration and rejuvenation proces. Refreshing and relaxing massage with aromatic oils, reduce tension, emotional and physical fatigue also induces a state of tranquility, relaxation and absolute harmony.

    120 min - 61 c.u.

  • Antistress

    • Scrub
    • Chiromassage
    • Tea

    120 min - 50 c.u.

  • Spa & Beauty

    • Scrub
    • Body Wraps
    • Massage
    • Hair Styling
    • Manicure

    90 min - 90 с.u.

  • Chocolate paradise for Her/Him

    • Scrub
    • Massage
    • Hairstyling/Haircut

    150 min - 65/60 c.u.

  • Luxury Spa Ritual with Honey

    • Scrub
    • Body Wraps
    • Massage

    140 min - 77 c.u.



Aquaterra SPA area offers you a huge selection of massages.
Reward your body with exquisite techniques and a unique approach to each client.

  • Hot Stone massage

    This therapeutic massage embraces the healing effects of volcanic stones, which relaxes tight muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress. You will feel a lovely and deep relaxation and balance to your body and mind. Hot Stone massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. You may find that the relaxation afforded to you through a hot stone massage helps ease some of your mental stress and tension. A hot stone massage may also help You combat some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression.

    50 min - 31 c.u. / 80 min - 44 c.u.

  • Swedish massage

    If it’s Your first time at the Spa or You don’t get massage often, Swedish massage is the best place to start. A Swedish  massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on the therapist’s personal style and on Your preferences. Swedish massage decreases the amount of stress hormones in the body, leaving Your feeling completely relaxed and rested, even after the session is over. The techniques used during the massage trigger changes in the brain’s chemistry, resulting in reduced stress and  an improved mood.

    50 min - 31 c.u. / 80 min - 44 c.u.

  • Chiro - massage (Spanish technique)

    Chiro – massage is a group of movements made with the hands in contact of the patient’s body, these movements that are of several types include a range of : kneading, percussions, frictions, veined castings, claps, pinches, pumping, muscular stretching and mobilizations. Chiro- massage offers the ideal non-invasive treatment solution for a wide range of conditions, including: lower back pain, foot pain, headaches, frozen shoulders, sport injuries. It involves unique and specific techniques by a trained therapist to release tense muscle while assuring improved joint movement.

    50 min - 31 c.u. / 80 min - 44 c.u.

  • Reflexology massage

    Reflexology is a form of bodywork that focuses primarily  on the feet. Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet and encourages overall healing. The reflexologist will assess the feet and then stimulates various points to identify areas of tenderness or tension. The reflexologist then uses brisk movements to warm the feet up. Then pressure is applied from the toes to the heel according to Your comfort.

    30 min - 20 c.u.

  • Anti – Cellulite massage

    This kind of massage slims the body and firms and tones up the skin. Anti Cellulite massage is a specialized advanced massage designed to assist in cellulite reduction. The treatment includes dry skin brushing, deep tissue massage techniques to loosen the fatty tissue under the skin and smooth out the surface of the skin, together with aromatherapy. It helps to: smooth the contours of the thigh and buttocks, reduce and break up the “ trapped fat” and fatty deposits which cause the” dimpling effect”, improve the texture and appearance of the skin by removing dead skin cells and improve lymphatic drainage.

    50 min - 31 c.u.

  • Sports massage

    Sports massage is a popular form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. Sport massage can play an important part in the life of any sportsman or woman wether they are injured or not. Massage has a number of benefits: it can help maintain the body in generally better condition, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and extent the overall life of Your sporting career. Also encourage general relaxation, reduces anxiety, increases feelings of well being, increases and alertness and mental clarity.

    50 min - 31 c.u.

  • Four Hands massage

    In a four hands massage, two therapists work on one client, often using synchronized moves. A four – hands massage can be like experiencing two full body massage at the same time. Our massage therapists will use Your body as a form of canvas onto which they choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures. During this process Your mind reacts differently. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a difficult time letting go of day-to-day thoughts and stresses  during massage treatments.

    50 min - 45 c.u. / 80 min - 66 c.u.

  • Massage with bamboo sticks

    Considering the many therapeutic benefits of bamboo massage for both clients and therapists, it is surprising that it is not more readily found on spa menus. After all, bamboo was considered a powerful healing tool in ancient China, Japan and Indonesia.  Bamboo still symbolizes life, energy, prosperity, longevity and fertility in these cultures.

    • Reactivates and stimulates blood circulation
    • Relieves migraines
    • Can improve sleep quality and help insomnia
    • Helps manage respiratory ailments
    • Helps alleviate arthritic pain, particularly in the neck and shoulders
    • Improves nervous system functions and sensory nerve perception
    • Increases joint and muscle flexibility
    • Stimulates cellular activity to repair and intensely nourish the skin
    • Breaks down and softens adhesions
    • Assists to remove lactic acid to reduce pain

    80 min - 42 c.u.

  • Vacuum massage

    50/80 min - 31/44 c.u.

  • Honey massage

    50 min - 33 c.u.

  • Massage for kids

    30/50min - 20/28 c.u.

  • Massage with coconut oil

    50/80 min - 33/45 c.u.

Body care services

Body care services

Pamper yourself in a royal way and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Spa, enjoying absolute peace and relaxation only at  Aquaterra!

  • Body Scrab

    Exfoliating or scrubbing the body can easily take a back seat among other things you need to do. But at the same time it is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to give the skin a glow, feel joy and relaxation.

    30 min. - 25 c.u.


    Multi Action Algae Pack – this body wrapping is based on algae, which stimulates the metabolism of lipids, is highly moisturizing and improves skin firmness and fights with cellulite. At the end of this treatment You will see how the effect of orange peel decreases and reduces centimeters in problem areas(abdomen, legs, arms and back).
    Multi Action Algae Pack provides a feeling of freshness, nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, revitalizing the whole body also preventing premature aging.
    • Laminaria digitata : belongs to the brown seaweed family. This European lagae grows in a protected area free from any pollutants. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients and minerals, it is recommended for a wide range of treatments such as slimming, toning and for softening and smoothing the skin.
    • Fucus Vesiculosus – it is a brown seaweed. It has many features such as: anti hypothyroidism, antirheumatic, antioxidant. Also contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, minerals such as iron, calcium, trace elements, essential oils. It is used to reduce adipose tissue and cellulite.
    • Lithothamnium Calcareum (Rotalge) – thanks to its ability to concentrate the nutrients in the seawater, contains more than 32 rare trace elements (iodine, selenium, zinc, cobalt, copper and chromium), which sustain the remineralisation of the human organism.

    45 min - 30 c.u.


    This anti-aging and anti-oxidant natural detox treatment will satisfy your body’s hunger for replenishment and revitalization and will leave Your skin nourished, hydrated, and smooth to the touch.
    Also, chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids which helt to combat the cellulite and skin aging, reduce the wrinkles leaving skin firm.

    • Cacao (Theobroma cacao) : Cacao works in an amazing way to keep the skin healthy. Cacao is loaded with the useful antioxidants. Cacao is full of amazing skin benefits. Enriched with minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, magnesium and omega 6 fatty acids, cacao promotes blood flow and increase cellular healing to develop a youthful glow. Also Cacao has a raw enzyme, which helps in repairing the cell and its rejuvenation. With super absorbent properties, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays and acts as a natural sunscreen.

    45 min - 30 c.u.


    45 min - 30 c.u.


    45 min - 30 c.u.

Aqua Zone

Aqua Zone

Aqua zone Aquaterra will help you to relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

  • Finnish sauna

    From its Scandinavian beginnings it has conquered the whole world. The heat in a sauna can reach temperatures up to 100°C but the low humidity (20-30%) transforms this into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and stimulates bodily purification. The wood exudes the perfumes of nature, issuing a primitive call to rediscover your inner calm, freeing the mind of all stress.

  • Roman Bath

    These baths were used in Rome in ancient times. The buildings of the Roman baths have everything you need for a full cycle of bath procedures. This room-locker room, bath with warm water and bath with hot water. Heating of all rooms of a bath was carried out in the centralized way by means of the pipes located under a floor earlier. The pipes moved hot air, which was formed from the furnace bronze brazier, located in a separate room from the bath. In the same room there was a washbasin with hot water for washing the face and hands, and next to it was a swimming pool. Modern classical Roman baths are arranged in almost the same way.

Behavioral norms of SPA zone

Behavioral norms of SPA zone

  • Dear Aquaterra Club Members!

    We ask you to respect the following rules while being in the swimming pool and SPA zone so that your stay will be as comfortable as it is possible:

    • Please, switch off your phones or put them in a silent mode for your and other Guests’ maximal relax and comfort.
    • Please keep quite.
    • Don’t run and don’t jump into the swimming pool.
    • Please, take a shower before entering sauna or swimming pool.
    • Entering to the swimming pool territory and SPA zone is permitted only in special shoes (slippers) for hygiene and to avoid the injuries. If you didn’t take the slippers, you can rent them on the front desk.
    • We recommend to take a bathrobe for your comfort.
    • The entrance in Hammam and Roman sauna is possible only wearing slippers.
    •  If the sign “Do not enter” hangs on the door of the Hammam or Russian sauna, then the entrance is strictly prohibited until the end of the procedure.
    • It is forbidden to use your own essential oils in sauna.
    • It is absolutely forbidden to pour water in sensors and saunas. All saunas work in an automatic mode, maintaining the needed temperature and air humidity.
    • We ask you to take off your slippers and use the towel while visiting the Finnish, Russian and Sauna.
    • Visitors are forbidden to dry clothes and towels in saunas. You can replace wet towels and bathrobes with dry ones for rent.
    • It is forbidden to use your own cream and scrub in saunas.
    • We kindly ask you, when taking the ice from the ice bowl to wipe your body, it is forbidden to throw the ice back into the bowl.
    • Children under 14 years old are not allowed in the SPA zone. The SPA Zone is not included in the children’s club card.
    • It is forbidden to visit SPA zone in a drunken condition.
    • Please, enjoy your drinks at the Café and don’t bring them to the pool or sauna.
    • It is forbidden to bring food and drinks in thermos.
    • For a comfortable stay in the Sauna with Himalayan salt, please wipe the body off, in order to avoid sedimentation of the salt on body.
    • Please, consult with our SPA guide before visiting sauna for having a maximal benefit and for ensuring your safety.
    • Please, inform the SPA guide, in the case you have some problems with your health. Probably, you will have to avoid certain procedures.
    • Please, respect the rules written on the entrance of each saunas.

    We inform you, that the repeated violation of the SPA etiquette will lead to the blocking of your club card.