Individual vs Group workouts.
Find out what the difference is and which way to choose according to your needs

At the beginning of the road you will always encounter some difficulties. Sport is no exception to this legality. In addition to finding the necessary motivation, strength room and equipment, you also need to decide on the right type of training - individual or group. One thing is for sure, in both cases there are advantages, you just need to see which ones fit for the purpose you set for yourself.

What are the benefits of Group Training?
Group workouts at the gym are not simply a set of physical exercises, it's about a community of people, who have chosen a certain type of sport or are looking for it. In the hours spent here you will charge yourself with positive emotions, thanks to physical activity and communication with other people and coaches.
At group training people often come after work hours. Participants may not be so focused on the words of the instructor, but they can simply go after the wave. The principle by which the workouts are made is: watch, repeat and remember. And do not worry if he does not succeed perfectly from the first lessons, it's normal, because over time you will catch up and understand how to do the exercises correctly.
Fitness subscriptions to group workouts are purchased by people with different levels of Physical Training - From Beginner to profi. One of the positive sides is the spirit of competition. As a rule, people strive to perform the exercises to the maximum possible and be better than the others present. Thus, group workouts bring noticeable results, quite quickly. The Important thing is not to give up, and here an important role is played by the coaches themselves. For example, at Aquaterra they take care to provide the necessary motivation for each group of people and create a relaxed atmosphere, in which you can reach your maximum potential.
In Group sports classes, self-control is very important. The reason is a simple one, the coach, no matter how good a professional he is, will not physically be able to pay attention to each participant. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to the instructions and directed to the correct performance of the exercises.

Are individual workouts better?
Individual training is more than a permanent dialogue with the instructor, it also involves constant control on his part. Depending on the level and specifics of each person, the coach will apply certain techniques. The experience of many athletes speaks of the fact that private classes have increased efficiency. The given thing is due to personalized attention and the fact that the instructor explains, shows, supports and corrects when appropriate. The time and weight of the training program is selected depending on the preparation and health of each.
To achieve the desired results, it is recommended that individual workouts be supplemented by proper nutrition. The coach will create or approve a menu in which proteins, fats, carbohydrates and the amount of calories are calculated per serving. At the same time, if necessary, it will select a complex of vitamins and minerals from sports nutrition, necessary to support the body during training.
Another reason to opt for individual workouts is the flexible program. You can set the sports hours according to your schedule. Only it is important to follow all the recommendations, in order to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

The instructors of The Botanica and Ciocana gym of the Aquaterra know the most effective methods of achieving the proposed goals. Together with them you will establish an exercise and nutrition program, according to your level of training and your physical specifics. Subsequently, your training will take place with the guidance and support of the coach.
Which type of workouts is right for you?
So, however, which option is better, group or individual workouts? Here everything depends on your preferences. Both types have their benefits and will help you lose weight, tone up, increase your resistance to exertion and achieve the desired appearance of the body.

If you prefer not to be under the constant supervision of a coach and you are more attracted to the idea of training in a pleasant and friendly company, then it is worth opting for group training. As mentioned, they do not just involve hours of sports together with several people, it is about communication and sharing experiences and opinions. At the same time, the collective atmosphere will charge you with energy and give you the necessary motivation.
If you are willing to pay the price for your particular fitness, be guided by a coach and feel better in solitude, then individual workouts are the right choice. Thus, you will be at ease and the efficiency of the program will be greater. The most important thing is to find an experienced coach who will receive pleasure from classes with you.
There is no universal recipe for choosing an instructor. However, do not forget to inquire about his studies and qualification. The time of self-taught has passed. A professional instructor with reliable knowledge in the field will not only help you to have effective workouts, but will take care not to traumatize yourself.

Whatever choice you are about to make, important is the desire to lead a healthy way of life. And if you can not decide what type of training to opt for, come to Aquaterra, because you have the opportunity to go to a trial lesson. This will make it easier for you to determine where you feel most comfortable and start your Sports program faster.